Soliciting input from subscribers

I’m new in this group, but I’m on the cusp of pushing out a new major release of pyparsing, and it involves some major restructuring/repackaging of the source. A couple of contributors have been pretty vocal/insistent on the merits of this repackaging, but I’ve not really gotten a good feel on how this will be received by the users, and I don’t have a good channel for asking them. Since Day 1, I’ve felt that pyparsing’s all-in-one source file was convenient for users to drop in a vendored version if pip-installing was not an option. The current branch refactors this into a source directory of Python modules. I agree that this structure is more suitable for project maintenance, but there are times where “practicality beats purity.”

I see that there is a “Roadmap Input” link on the TL website, but is there a mechanism for me to proactively solicit input on this subject from key users? (For that matter, is there a way to identify key users?)

– Paul