Spreading the word about Tidelift


Posted the following to a widely-read private programming forum I belong to, and wanted to share it here in case it’s useful to anyone else:

After 10 lonely and thankless years of singlehandedly maintaining a decently popular open source project (in use at Google, Venmo, Bloomberg, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, et al.), and not getting a single cent of financial support (through no lack of asking), I finally got my first $ today ago thanks to Tidelift. What an amazing thing!

However, far too few people even know about Tidelift still. Please spread the word to any would-be lifters and would-be subscribers you can think of! And if you maintain an open source project that you haven’t lifted yet, and/or you or your organization are in a position to pay for a Tidelift subscription, please give it a look!

Here’s an example ticket I just opened in Flask’s issue tracker. Please give it a +1 if you’re so inclined. If anyone does similar and wants to link to theirs below, I’ll be delighted to upvote it too. Thanks!

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@jab thank you so much for sharing, and for helping to spread the word about Tidelift! If anyone from that forum wants to chat, please let them know we’re available to answer any questions.

Also, is there anything more you think we should be doing to help spread the word and make sure maintainers know about Tidelift? We continue to experiment and we’re definitely seeing more public mentions, but we’re always open to try something new. If you have any ideas, please let us know!

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