Subscriber app work in progress

Hey Everyone :wave: Hope y’all have had a good week!

I wanted to share what work is in progress on the subscriber side as we build out the product, with a few contextual notes. Many of you walked through some earlier prototypes with us to share feedback, which we really appreciated! Your thoughts are welcome here, or we can always schedule a call to talk in more detail.

This is the subscriber dashboard, where they can explore stats in aggregate across all dependencies, and have some help on prioritizing which issues need their attention most.

Here’s an example of a deeper analysis page on a specific repository that the subscriber lands on following a recommended top priority. You can see here how the version map and release notes task inputs would become more actionable by a subscriber; we’re also telling them what are some next steps to take.

This is a view of dependencies by repository that would allow them to export the catalogue to share with other teams at their organization. We can show when lifted packages have verified the licensing. We’re also going to give subscribers a way to view what dependencies they’re most behind on (grouped by major / minor / patch) in order to make better decisions about where to allocate time to update.