Talking about tidelift as part of a conference presentation

At the Boston meetup, there was quite a bit of discussion about the value (or lack thereof) of holding sponsored talks and such.

For some context, Roel and I held a talk (not sponsored) at Javaland 2019 about maintaining an open source project for 10 years, and tidelift is one of the 7 lessons we present. If you’re interested, you can have a look, here:

We’d love to hear feedback about whether you think this kind of mention is a good idea, and if this way of presenting it is a way to share the message.

One bit of feedback I’d like to give ourselves here is that this is a very developer-oriented conference, so the call to action here is a bit muddy. Do we really expect a developer to talk to their boss and tell them to go call tidelift to set up a subscription?

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Thanks for sharing this, Reinier! Since you gave this talk, we have created these “Convince Your Team” resources with a 1-pager, ROI calculator, and slide deck. We know many developers are interested in bringing Tidelift to their team, and we have heard these resources have helped.

Personally, I expect that developers convincing their bosses will be an important path to Tidelift. Sure, lots of organizations won’t work that way, but grassroots pressure is a good thing to enable.

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We certainly agree, Ned. Any suggestions along those lines are very welcome.