Tasks not disappearing

On both Tidelift and Tidelift, the Marketing and Coordinated Disclosure tasks persist as “open”, despite both being resolved and showing a green check after clicking “save”.

The two-factor task took a solid 5 minutes to disappear, so I thought waiting might work here, but they continue to persist.

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I have this issue too, specifically with the coordinated disclosure (marketing did disappear for me). I reported this a while back and I was told I could safely ignore it, but it’s nevertheless a bit annoying to be continuously reminded of something I already did.

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Hey @ljharb. Right around the time you posted this, we were having an issue with background workers that would definitely have affected these particular tasks being fully recogonized as being complete. I just checked now and those tasks on those packages are done. Let us know if you run into any more issues with these particular tasks!