Thank you for everything!

Hey folks,

I’m sad to share that this Friday will be my last day at Tidelift. I’ve enjoyed working with all of you, and I’ve learned so much. Thank you!

Starting next week, @joshsimmons will be available to help with anything and everything, so please reach out with your concerns, questions, and feedback.

Thank you again for everything!


Sorry to hear that, Brenna! Thanks for all you’ve done for us Lifters over the last few years, and all the best with whatever’s next.

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I’m heart broken to lose you, Brenna! Working with you over the last year has been a joy and a privilege, and I’m so grateful for the state of the structures, documentation, and relationships you’ve cultivated over the course of your time at Tidelift.

Thanks for everything you’ve done–you will be sorely missed!

To all our wonderful lifters: hello! If we haven’t met yet, well, I look forward to remedying that over the coming months and years. I’m a community organizer, open source strategist, and reformed web developer :wink: By day I work at Tidelift, and by night I serve as the community-elected President of the Open Source Initiative.

Please feel free to reach out at any time! I’m here to help and eager to hear from you.



Thanks for your work in this valuable initiative. Wish you exciting new missions!

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I’'m very saddened to hear this. You were my main point of reference within Tidelift, and you were always supportive and professional.
Best of luck for your life!

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Thanks for all the help, Brenna, you’ll be missed!

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