Tidelift and PSF partnership

I saw today’s announcement: https://blog.tidelift.com/tidelift-and-the-python-software-foundation-join-up-to-support-flask-and-pallets-projects, it sounds great.

But I’m curious for more details. What is the PSF doing? Are they contributing funds? I’m not asking for dollar amounts or anything like that, I just don’t understand what is actually behind the word “partnership” in the blog post.

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@nedbat thank you for the questions!

Essentially what we announced today is a strategic relationship between PSF and Tidelift, where they will be providing the same assurances that you and other lifters provide as part of the Tidelift Subscription. Tidelift / our subscribers are contributing the money, with this agreement, PSF is essentially backing the Pallets projects as part of the Tidelift Subscription.

“Backing” as in providing maintenance support? Fixing bugs? Sorry to be obtuse about this.

No worries! I re-read my response and it wasn’t completely clear (stop doing 5 things at once, Brenna).

The Pallets projects are fiscally sponsored by the PSF (and are the first of potentially more projects in the PSF’s fiscal sponsorship program). Because of that, we couldn’t work directly with the maintainers of the Pallets projects. Instead, we’ve come to an agreement with the PSF where they’ll act as the lifter for the Pallets projects (or future fiscally sponsored projects) and will handle any payments to the actual maintainers.