Tidelift.com update incoming!

Next week we’ll be unveiling a version of tidelift.com that explains the value we’re collectively providing to subscribers even better. We thought you might like a preview.

Key points:

  • Managed open source:
    • A few months ago we started testing the phrase “managed open source” as a shorthand way to describe the value of the Tidelift Subscription. It’s resonating with organizations that are current and potential Tidelift subscribers, so we’re rolling it out even wider. A company that employs a managed open source strategy is offloading the responsibility for managing their open source dependencies to us (Tidelift and the lifter community). So instead of having to buy a bunch of tools and manage the ongoing maintenance of these packages themselves, we give customers dependencies that are already enterprise ready, and take this workload off of their shoulders.
  • Enterprise-ready managed open source has 6 elements we’re emphasizing, that we’ve heard from customers are valuable to them:
    • Security updates
    • Licensing verification and indemnification
    • Maintenance and code improvement
    • Package selection and version guidance
    • Roadmap input
    • Tooling and cloud integration

As we describe this to customers, we want to emphasize the reasons they should pay for the Tidelift Subscription:

  • Since Tidelift works directly with maintainers, they can get software that’s already enterprise-ready, instead of buying tools to try to discover and fix problems on their own.
  • This is not a donation mechanism. The point is that you buy enterprise-ready software, managed for you on an ongoing basis.

Of the 6 elements, roadmap input is new; in an earlier post I talked about the details of that, and thoughts are still welcome.

Some site updates incorporating these themes are already live:

A new homepage will go live next week—it’ll look similar to the current one, but better emphasize the concept of managed open source and the 6 elements of enterprise readiness.

We’re pretty sure this approach will communicate more effectively, but we’ll be testing that via analytics and sales conversations, and of course constantly improving as we learn.


This is now live! http://www.tidelift.com/

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