Tidelift is hiring on the lifter success team!

Hello! We are hiring at Tidelift for a dev rel role (similar to what @phated used to do) and a unique technical program manager role (currently titled catalog manager, open to negotiation). Please hit us with any questions you’ve got - we would love to get applications from lifters and friends of lifters. And please feel free to tweet about these if you have friends who might be interested. We are 100% remote (work from wherever - the job ad says US but we’re going to amend that to say global) and extremely values driven.


I’ve got a question! What happened to @phated ? :smiley:

He decided to try something different - friendly parting on both sides.

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Does it make sense to publish a report to pass to the next iteration? To allow next person to avoid unexpected mistakes, and better prepare for challenges.

We definitely have internal notes :slight_smile: And if any of you have suggestions that the next hire should hear, we’d be happy to chat!