Tidelift's vision for maintainers in 2022

We’ve been busily hammering out a new vision for how Tidelift can support maintainers–building on the foundation of paying maintainers. And to test our assumptions, we’ve been running a couple of pilot programs, pilots which five of you are participating in–thanks!

Our vision includes making life as a maintainer less noisy, new ways to get compensated for your work, and exploring a variety of supportive services we might offer.

As we head in to 2022, we’d like to share our vision with you:

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this direction–so please let us know what you think!


Will you get around to responding to submitted applications at some point? 41 days and counting!

Fair question, @pboling :slight_smile: Yes, we are getting all hands on deck to work through the queue, as well as making the internal changes necessary to make things like onboarding and support more reliable and scalable.

I’m so sorry for the delays you’ve experienced here and am immensely grateful for everyone’s patience as we make our way through this period of transformation.

We look forward to working together to make open source better for everyone!


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Thanks for the insights in your plans :slight_smile:

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