Twitching tomorrow, and maybe more!

Hey, all! @joshsimmons and I are going to experiment a bit with chatting about open source on Twitch. We’ll be at

Tomorrow at 1pm Pacific (late for Europeans, I know, but hopefully not too late), we’ll have Deb Nicholson, interim Executive Director of the Open Source Initiative, talking about OSI’s 2020 - a new mission statement, new executive team, and new vision. And the upcoming 2021 board election, as well.

Some other topics I’m interested in bringing lifters and Friends of Tidelift on to chat about:

  • cutting edge of packaging
  • open science and what it is learning from Tidelift, GH Sponsors, etc.
  • open street map and its commercial growing pains
  • latest in data mining of open source repos and what we’re learning from it

Anything you all might find fun? (And of course, if you’re on Twitch, please follow us for more!)

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Bringing this back up because I’ll be chatting with Jorge Castro of Canonical/GNOME, Wistio/k8s, and other open source projects tomorrow. Again, 1pm Pacific,

In other upcoming appearances:

  • I’ll be chatting with Katherine Maher of the Wikimedia Foundation about tech non-profit governance at the Free Software Foundation’s annual conference, LibrePlanet, on Saturday afternoon. Schedule details here.
  • @joshsimmons will be speaking at Open Source 101 on “Hidden Infrastructure: the Foundations of Open Source”. Details here.
  • We also had Ashley Williams of the Rust Foundation on Twitch last week. Video is here.

Finally, we’ve started the Free as in Friday series with some foundation/non-profit oriented folks, but we’re definitely thinking about solo/small-project maintainers as well. If any of you are interested in being on, hit me up!

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These have continued, and we’re doing them again this Friday, this time with three folks (staff, advisor, and grantee) from the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative’s Open Science work. We’ll be chatting about their funding model, how that can improve diversity in open source, and how it can make science more robust. Look forward to seeing some of you there!

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