Unable to make inactive Python package pre-releases

In the IRC project, I’ve gone through verifying the version map… I marked all of the versions as not active (except the latest). After verifying, the beta versions went back to being marked as active. I additionally tried to mark them as pre-release and inactive, but they went back to being marked as active and not pre-releases, as seen in this screenshot:

I think there’s a bug in the version number inference that’s preventing those versions from being updated in the version map.

I should say too, those versions that have b1 or a1 or c1 by Python packaging rules should be considered a pre-release by default. Perhaps there’s already some pre-release inference code that’s in place but it’s not working correctly and that’s why I’m unable to update the version map for those releases.

Let me know if I can provide more information or detail to clarify the issue.


Hi, Jason. I checked into this and found out that the data for this version map was generated just two weeks before we added in basic support for PEP 440 versioning. :frowning: The good news is that the fix is simple: I deleted the 0.7.* releases and streams, including the prerelease versions, and recreated them. You’ll have to fill in any info for those again. All of the settings for other versions should be preserved.

Let me know if this fixed the issue for you, or if you need anything else!


Yep. All looks good now. Thanks!

@johnbintz-tidelift The coverage.py version map seems to not understand PEP440 version numbers either. Do you have to do something on your end to fix it up?

Looks like you had the same issue @nedbat. I applied the same fix. Let me know if that’s working for you now!

Yup, all good now. (plus more stuff to appease discource’s need for 20 characters…)