"verify licenses" button not enabling

https://tidelift.com/lifter/verify-licenses asks me to verify the license of npm/enzyme-adapter-react-16.1, but when i check the “correct” box, the “Verify Licenses” button remains disabled.

@ljharb Thank you for reporting! I see the issue and I’m not sure why you were unable to verify so we’ll take a look. Everything looks ok with the license so I went ahead and manually verified the task for you. Please let us know if you notice this issue with any other packages.

Thank you!

Thanks; I’ve got 2 more with the same issue. It’s probably a bug in the javascript that’s supposed to enable the button when something is checked.

@ljharb can you please let me know which packages so I can take a look?

At the moment, array.prototype.map and es-array-method-boxes-properly, but i add new packages very often, so a holistic fix is better than manual verification each time :slight_smile:

@ljharb totally agree, just looking for some additional projects with issues so I can share with the team to help them diagnose.

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also npm/array.prototype.reduce and npm/array.prototype.reduceright

I just edited the HTML on the “verify licenses” button to remove disabled="disabled", and clicked it, and all the 4 pending licenses were verified - looks like it’s indeed an issue with the JS that’s supposed to enable the button once something is checked.

@ljharb thank you for the additional info! I’ll let you know once this has been resolved.

@ljharb this issue has been resolved! Thank you again for reporting, and please let us know if you see any other issues.

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