Version guidance and release streams don't agree

My version guidance page ( says:

5.0.* is an OK release stream
4.5.* is inactive and will no longer receive security updates

This is wrong (5.0 is still in alpha), so I followed this suggestion (" If the release streams below don’t look right, update the Release Streams task.") But the Release Streams page is already correct (

Only the latest non-prerelease version (currently 4.5.4) is supported. Subscribers will be asked to always upgrade to the latest version.

So I guess I am stuck?

@nedbat thank you for letting us know about this issue! On the Release Streams page, did you check the box next to the text and submit changes? Please let me know and we can look into this further.

OK, I didn’t realize I could uncheck that box and get more options. Just one checkbox is confusing, and the statement was correct as it was. It’s odd that the two pages didn’t agree as they were, but I was able to set things properly. Thanks.

@nedbat I see how this can be a little confusing. We’re working on some updates for this task that will hopefully clear this up. Please let us know if you have any feedback, and thank you!

I’m seeing, for example, my release streams here: saying that **0.2.*** is safe for use until a newer, as-safe or safer release stream exists, at which point this stream will be treated as if it is deprecated

However, the version guiance here: says that 0.2.* is an OK release stream, which it is not - it should be deprecated per “release streams” - and also says “0.2.0 and 0.2.1 have no problems, 0.2.2 is unmaintained” - which is inaccurate. All three have no problems and are ALSO unmaintained and are ALSO deprecated.

This also shows up in the version analytics, which shows 0.x releases in orange (receiving updates) when it should be in red (unsafe to use), per “release streams”.

@ljharb thank you for the feedback! We’re working on refining this task and your input is super helpful. We should have some updates shortly and we’ll keep you posted.

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