We’re inviting all open source maintainers to sign up for Tidelift!

We’re really happy to share that starting today all open source maintainers can sign up for Tidelift!

A special thank you to our early lifters for participating in user testing, giving feedback on documentation, and most importantly, for signing up to lift. We couldn’t have hit this milestone without your help!

We can’t wait to sign up new lifters and hear their stories and feedback so we can continue to improve Tidelift.


Adding a bit to what Brenna mentioned:

  • We’re already seeing some new applicants this morning, which is great! (Including at least one who qualifies for the full $10K!) Hopefully some of them will be approved and joining us in this forum shortly :slight_smile:
  • We’ll be blogging and writing about this all week, as you’d expect. We’ll post more of that here (probably in this thread) as it comes up.
  • If you have a few minutes, we’d really appreciate your help - please share the announcement with other maintainers you know. And, of course, potential subscribers!
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Great blog post from Havoc today that goes into detail about what happens after you sign up to lift. We’re also doing a series of Q&A sessions through October to get to know folks and answer questions.

If you know anyone who is thinking about signing up but isn’t sure, please share!

Last week we made a big announcement about how we plan to pay the maintainers and opened up Tidelift to anyone interested in lifting. And we’re not done…

Here’s a quick roundup of blog posts, press, and some amazing tweets. We could not have done it without you, and we appreciate the trust you placed in us when you signed up to lift. With your help and support we know we can get this right and make open source work better - for everyone.

On the Tidelift blog

In the news

On Twitter

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