Webhook to notify about a release

I’m faced with the situation where I release a new version of my package but it doesn’t get picked up by Tidelift.

Knowing that Tidelift gets the package information from libraries.io, I check there and the new release hasn’t arrived there yet either.
Then I try to resync the project manually on libraries.io but it still doesn’t get listed as a new version :confused:

How can I then get the latest version in to add release notes etc.?

Would be really nice if there was a webhook that could be set in the repo to directly let Tidelift (or/and libraries.io) know about the release.

Am I missing something obvious here that I just haven’t set up properly?

@noplanman I apologize for the syncing issue, thank you so much for letting us know. This is something that happens from time to time and we’re working to resolve. If you let me know the package name I can take a look and manually sync everything for you.

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Hi @brenna, current issue was with wp-otp, which can be found as a Packagist and WordPress package.

Currently it seems that a resync and then some waiting (kind of) solves it.

To me it seems that libraries.io resyncs super rarely, even when new releases are made. It really think it would help all round if a webhook could be set.

Not sure yet how long it generally takes Tidelift to pick up on the libraries.io changes.

Having the same issue again with the longman/telegram-bot package, which has a version 0.60.0 which I released over 2 weeks ago. libraries.io has picked it up correctly, but Tidelift doesn’t seem to fetch it. Release notes should be there correctly, as I’ve added them via API, but still nothing.

Maybe some “Resync” button like libraries.io has to manually give it a nudge?

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@noplanman I apologize for the syncing issue. Everything should be displaying correctly now but please let me know if you notice any issues on your end.

Thank you!