Welcome to the Tidelift Discourse forum!


This is a place for lifters to discuss topics and issues, share stories, and support each other. The Tidelift team is here too, and we’re always happy to answer questions, listen to feedback, or just chat!

Some of the topics we’ll be using this forum to discuss will include:

  • Content: We plan to create useful and interesting material (think documentation and podcasts) that help make maintenance more effective, fun, and hopefully profitable. We’ll use Discourse (and GitHub) to occasionally ask for your input and help on this.
  • News: We’ll use this space to share Tidelift news.
  • Plans: We’re growing quickly, so of course we’ll be adjusting what we do over time. We’ll share those plans here to get your feedback and thoughts.

For now, this is a private space for lifters and Tidelift staff. We may make it public in the future, but if we do, we’ll put the old posts in a lifter-only space.

Also worth noting: for now, subscribers are not invited here. We’ll be working on ways to encourage communication between lifters and subscribers, but we’ll be very explicit about how, when, and why that happens.

We want this to be a positive and constructive space, so as always, the Lifter Code of Conduct applies.

Discourse should be mostly self-explanatory, but if you have questions about this particular instance and how we run it, you can use the Site Feedback category.

What else?
If you’d like to learn more about lifting, please check out the lifter resources documentation.

Have questions, concerns, or just want to chat? Private message Brenna, Luis, or Keenan, or contact us via email at lift@tidelift.com.

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