What impact will economic changes have on you?

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It looks like the economies in many countries may be hard-hit by COVID-19 and folks staying at home.

How do you think a global recession might affect open source maintainers in general, and you and your project in particular? How can we help?

Do you think people will have more time to contribute, or will they contribute less because they’re worrying about money?

At Tidelift we’re hoping that more companies will choose open source software over corporate alternatives, as a cost-saving measure - do you think that might happen where you are?

Thanks for your thoughts! If there’s enough interest in this question we can schedule a video discussion on this or some other kind of follow up.

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I personally found either the same level of engagement or more in terms of contributions to my projects since the COVID-19 crisis started, so the “people have more time” hypothesis could make sense.

In terms of income, I did notice some penalty due to the crisis, but I also hope that companies will choose open source more from now on, and I hope that will help Tidelift!

Hope everyone is feeling well. In Spain we’ve been having good news every day for a while now :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting us know what you’ve experienced, David! All of us at Tidelift are doing very well - nobody seems to have COVID yet and we’re all staying inside.


Nice, that’s great news! :slight_smile:

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Hey again David! We want to quote you in a Tidelift blog post on Tuesday on this topic - I dropped you an email to your riseup address with the text so you can make any edits to the quote you’d like, but we’ll publish it on Tuesday as written if you don’t have time to take a look.

Sure, I saw the email but didn’t have time to fully read the draft and reply. In any case, I’m good with the quote, of course :). Thanks for letting me know!

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