What's the nicest issue you've ever received?

I’m sure you’ve received plenty of not-so-nice issues, but are there any issues or comments that have really stood out and made you smile? Has anyone ever just said “thank you”?

We’re putting together a video and we’re looking for issues, comments, etc. that illustrate how thankful folks are for the work that you do. If you have any examples that you’d like to share, please send them along! We’ll make everything anonymous in the video, we’re just hoping to get a good sense of how people share their appreciation.

Also - we’ll be sharing more details about the video shortly!

This wasn’t in an issue, but someone once said to me, relative to a possible job, “I feel like you’re already a member of our team, because you wrote coverage.py”

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I like it short (Heart/Hooray/Smile/+1 reaction on GitHub), “Thank you” is very common to hear on the majority of my projects.

I did a search on the keyword “awesome” first to try to find some some of that kind of messages in 2 of my projects:

“We’ve migrated from pug-php v2 to v3 and we think it’s an awesome work, and the debug/error handling implementations are just great.” (among a lot of other stuffs but still there is here^^)

“awesome! thanks”

“awesome! Thanks!”

“Awesome! Btw, LOVE that you implemented the dot syntax for objects. :+1:

“Awesome stuff thanks so much for the rapid turnaround !!”
“Thanks for the fix, works great :+1:

“Thanks a ton!”

“Awesome, thank you!”

“First of all, carbon is awesome! Great work folks!”

I can see it was yet like that before I maintain actively the project of course:

“Hi Brian, Awesome job on Carbon.”

“First of all thank you for this library , your job is awesome”

“Thank you for building such awesome software.”

" @briannesbitt awesome!"’

And this is only one word in my search. From my point of view, the GitHub community is very thankful.

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This one was nice: https://github.com/marshmallow-code/marshmallow/issues/95

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