Why Discourse (over Slack)?

As some of our oldest lifters know, we originally talked with lifters through Slack. We decided to switch to Discourse for a few reasons that I thought I’d share here:

  • Slack burnout: In talking to lots of maintainers, there is a lot of Slack fatigue, bordering on burnout, out there. And frankly many of us at Tidelift are feeling the same way.
  • Designed for async: We want Tidelift to be something that fits cleanly into your maintenance work. That means we can’t (and don’t want to!) expect you to have it in your face all the time. Discourse is designed for that kind of use case, with good search and good options for regular summaries rather than having to skim every single sentence.
  • Content collaboration: One thing we want to do here is get feedback on, and ultimately help create, materials that are useful for all maintainers (not just lifters). In our experience, Discourse is a better tool for this: both because it encourages slightly longer, more thoughtful discussions, and because the built-in wiki can be very helpful.

If you miss Slack, let us know :slight_smile: But I’m pretty comfortable this is the right tool for us for now.